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Company Creation
Back in December 2008, Garth and Ivana Dryland (a husband and wife team) incorporated Double D Works Ltd. Since then the company has evolved into a thriving business you can depend upon, primarily focusing on Xero bookkeeping. Double D Works Ltd consists of a few divisions based around the supply of products and services.

Today the team better understand the needs of their clients and the results provided show that. The Double D Works team put this down to flexibility and willingness to move with the times. Staying up with improvements made to systems both externally and internally is a must and helps all concerned. Providing tomorrows solutions today is a constant lesson.

Primary Sites
The company domain name DoubleDworks.co.nz is primarily designed as a portal site to AccountWise.co.nz the bookkeeping and tax agency, followed by EarCandlesByChoice.co.nz.

We recently updated AccountWise.co.nz the primary site / company division. EarCandlesByChoice.co.nz is going to follow at some point after moving host in 2017.

There was a great response to Ear Candles By Choice following going live with a site rewrite in 2015. These changes saw google push us up the SEO ranking ladder. Lately however traffic has dropped off again given a number of new requirements.

We’re looking to fix these issues in 2017, making the site mobile friendly among other SEO related improvements. Other upgrades coming to the Ear Candles site include a full-blown shopping cart potentially with back-end access.

Other Domains
Other domains such as DoubleDservices.co.nz will likely be altered to point directly to this site. We may use the DoubleDnetworks.co.nz domain for a web design site at some point in the future.

DoubleDproducts.co.nz the original products domain will potentially point to EarCandlesByChoice.co.nz. All of our other domains point to their respective sites.

Some examples include DDworks.co.nz and DDworx.co.nz which point to DoubleDworks.co.nz and EndOfYears.co.nz and IvanaDryland.com pointing to AccountWise.co.nz

We’re also considering introducing a free recipe site at some point in the future (maybe 2018) which we would like to see house all of our favorite family recipes. We may even open the site up so others can post their favorite recipes, if interests shown.

Item Testing
All products supplied are first used by the team and only promoted if they satisfy various criteria applicable to the Item. As of today Double D Works Ltd still have no intention to offer any products or services for the sake of selling something. It goes against every ounce of the teams core belief. You can rely on the fact Double D Works Ltd test every Item across every aspect of the business, without exception.

Web Design
At some point (potentially 2018) we’re looking at providing WordPress web design services. If you want a site and don’t know where to start, ask. Garth’s been interested in web design and testing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) concepts and CMS (Content Management Systems) off and on since around the turn of the century. Security is also a very important factor and we’ve investigated aspects supporting a secure environment.

It may interest you that WordPress today has around a 60% market share with respect to CMS, a 33% share of all e-commerce sites world-wide meaning about 28% of the entire internet runs on the WordPress platform. Like one of our site designs? Come up with an idea you’d like to discuss? Feel free to email anytime.

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Terms and Conditions

In this terms and conditions document any Item(s) quotation, offer, agreement, invoice and or any other documentation, the “Company” shall mean Double D Works Ltd, employees and or agents thereof and the “Purchaser” shall mean the person(s) or company to whom the Item(s) quotation, offer, agreement, invoice and or any other documentation pertains too. “Item(s)” shall mean the goods and or services.

All information contained on the Company website(s) and or any other documentation thereof is the property of the Company. Reproducing this information for commercial gain is strictly prohibited, unless within an established agreement(s) made in writing with Double D Works Ltd. The Company attempts to make sure that all information contained on our website(s) or by way of Company documentation is correct, complete and up to date.

The Company is not liable for any information containing inaccuracies. If any errors are found, we would appreciate that they’re brought to our attention. Unless otherwise specified and legally acceptable, the sale of Item(s) shall be governed by the applicable law(s) of New Zealand. Any information contained within the website(s) and or Company documentation, such as these terms and conditions, are subject to change without notice.

Payment’s required in New Zealand dollars including the required taxes of said country whether via internet banking, cheque, credit card, or cash and the like. Where the Company provides a credit facility to the Purchaser, the terms are strictly seven days, unless otherwise agreed.

Payments on account are too be made within seven days of the issue of an invoice. For accounts that are more than 90 days overdue we reserve the right to transfer the debt to our nominated debt collection agency.

You agree to pay any charges incurred in relation to the debt collection, unless the account is in dispute. You accept personal liability for fees charged which relate to the Purchaser, Entity, Business, Individual, of which you are a shareholder, director or an authorized agent to engage our services on behalf of them. This applies to all fees rendered by our firm for all work undertaken.

If payment is not made and or maintained by the Purchaser on or before the due date and or period specified, then one or more penalties stated as follows could be imposed and or charged out by the Company at the Company’s discretion. [1] Where a discount was given by the Company, whether stated within an invoice or not, it could be withdrawn in part or in full. [2] As per the subsection “Terms of Credit” for amounts outstanding, from the date of the invoice(s) of the overdue payment(s). [3] Via any other relevant term(s) and or condition(s) within any subsection(s) of our terms and conditions agreement including within the “Payments” subsection.

Terms of Credit
All recovery costs incurred by Double D Works Limited arising out of your failure to pay by the due date including all legal costs, disbursements and collection costs shall be payable by you, the client, on demand. Double D Works Limited may deduct any outstanding amount owed by you to Double D Works Limited from any refund due to you from the IRD. A late payment fee of $25 + GST shall be charged each month that the account remains overdue. In the case of a company, you the director shall personally be liable for any debt of the Purchaser to Double D Works Limited.

For New Zealand nationwide deliveries allow 2 – 7 working days for your Item(s) to arrive. Double D Works Ltd takes no responsibility for issues with orders after leaving our care. Double D Works Ltd reserves the right to recover any charges incurred by the purchaser over and above the figure paid.

New Zealand health regulation does not allow an open Item(s) to get returned for the purpose of credit or refund. If an Item(s) has been incorrectly sent, it is the Purchaser’s responsibility to tell the Company immediately and return promptly for refunding and or exchange, with payment balance to suit, where applicable. The Company is not obligated to refund an Item(s) damaged in transit. Failing this, it’s up to the Company’s discretion to refund any Item(s).

Double D Works Ltd regularly (re)assess Item(s) we offer so the Purchaser receives suitable quality. Each Item reflects our commitment to make sure the purchaser receives a fair deal. All credit card transactions get processed through secure systems. The Double D Works Team respects the privacy of others and states that the Company will never pass any Purchaser(s) information on to third parties, unless deemed to under governing law(s).

Information on Double D Works Ltd website(s) and or elsewhere is not intended to replace consultation with qualified professionals. It is up to the Purchaser to make an informed decision about their personal and or business affairs and act appropriately.

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